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Property Maintenance Checklist

If you have an investment property you do not live in, often little things will be needing maintenance which your tenant may not even notice until it becomes a problem.  If you are even a little bit handy, here is an annual Property Maintenance Checklist you could do which might save you some tradie service […]

The Truth about Landlord Insurance

Insurance companies are always happy to accept your premiums – but when things go wrong, many property owners find that their policy does not cover them in the way they thought it would. This article will help you to ask questions of your insurer to ensure the premium you are paying is worth it. In […]

Welcome to RealSmarter

RealSmarter is a Brisbane based property management company.  Our aim is to help our clients achieve their wealth goals by ensuring that their investment properties,  and the tenants occupying them, are cared for to a high standard. Under ‘Articles’ we discuss some of the common issues that come up when we manage rental properties.  We […]