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What makes us the smarter choice?  Our property specialists are the best in the business.  When you make the switch to RealSmarter, you will get a senior, experienced property manager, who is also a property investor taking care of your interests.

Our procedures and processes are extensive, covering aspects of property management that few real estate ever even consider.  This care for your property can literally save you $thousands.

Love Us Guarantee

If you own an investment property in Brisbane, then we would like to make it easy for your to try our superior service.

We KNOW you will love our service.  Which is why we offer this guarantee.

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Switching property managers is easy.   We will handle the entire change-over on your behalf – from start to finish.  If you need to still pay your existing Property Manager, we will ensure you are not charged by us so you will not be out of pocket.

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About Us

RealSmarter originated because, as property investors ourselves, we were frustrated with the poor service we received from traditional Real Estate agencies.  These agencies cost us time and money and had staff that did not understand our property goals.

It was time for a change.  We have taken our passion and knowledge of property to provide a superior property experience for investors.

Our model is to provide you with a dedicated property specialist who will handle all the operations around your property.  No more being shunted around to various office staff who have no idea what is going on with your tenant, or your property.

Our property specialists are all property investors themselves and have been trained in a variety of investment and development strategies.

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  • Investor Experience

    RealSmarter is owned and operated by experienced property investors who understand the importance of maintaining your asset, and your cashflow. We ‘GET’ property and have a genuine love of property as an investment vehicle.

  • Proven Track Record

    RealSmarter has an impressive track record of finding quality tenants and keeping them!  Our extensive processes minimise risk to owners, and ensure tenants have a voice, that they are listened to and respected.  RealSmarter inspections go further than checking that your tenant is caring for your property – we critically examine the property to identify potential risks that are likely to cost you money! In this way, you can address issues early, before they become money-pits.

  • Amazing Service

    Your satisfaction is guaranteed. RealSmarter offers a service second to none.  We are confident that you will love the results and do not lock you into contracts.

  • Best Person for Your Property

    When you place your property with a RealSmarter property manager, you are getting a senior, experienced, person looking after all aspects of your property.  This same person will interview prospective tenants, do property inspections, and tackle any issues that come up.  We have found that this continuity of service is good for both owners and tenants and is one of the main reasons for our success.

  • Educated Agents

    RealSmarter is committed to education.  Our staff have undertaken extensive property education and continue with ongoing training to ensure they are up-to-date with the latest legislative requirements and best practice standards .  Much more than just licenced real estate agents, our staff know how to maximise the potential value of your property and may be able to turn your negatively geared problem into an income producing asset.

What others say about us

Phillip Miller
Phillip Miller
September 13, 2023.
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Deborah has managed our rental property for last 2 years. She is outstanding at her job. Incredibly efficient, thorough and professional. Most importantly she has been able to strike the right balance of rights and obligations of tenants and landlord. It has been a pleasure to know our townhouse is in such good hands. I can’t recommend Deborah highly enough
James Mcmahon
James Mcmahon
April 13, 2023.
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Knowledgeable and helpful people
May 19, 2021.
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Deborah is an excellent real estate agent. She is very attentive, and any tenant or owner would be lucky to have her. We broke our lease after buying a property, and Deborah helped us through the process with ease.

When I switched to RealSmarter, they found that I was missing just over $2000 in rent from when I was with my previous real estate agent!  They quickly got in touch with my tenants and organised a repayment plan to catch up the missing rent.  It was all handled very professionally and the tenant was able to catch up the rent.  I would definitely recommend switching to RealSmarter.

Deborah has been a fantastic property manager. I have been renting a property from her for three years now and it has been extremely smooth at all stages. She has been great with dealing with any requests that have come up over time and anything to do with the lease arrangements has been dealt with both quickly and professionally.

I can’t speak highly enough of RealSmarter as property managers.  There is a lot of attention to detail.  Their inspection reports are much more thorough than any other service I have ever used. They alert me to issues early so that maintenence can be carried out while it is still small and affordable.

I have been renting for two years with Deborah as my property manager.  She is prompt with replying and always solves any issues we have quickly and reliably. The rent is reasonable, and she is great when it comes to understanding utility bills as well. I have had a fantastic time renting off Deborah, and look forward to continue doing so in the future.